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Safety Day at Monument Goedleven

13 May 2022

Sharing expertise to grow together. At Group Monument, that’s what we really believe in. So, in 2018, we organised another joint Safety Day, in Ghent, for staff from our various sites.

And then along came COVID-19. A re-run of Safety Day was postponed several times. Because you can move faster on your own in times like these, we had to split the Safety Day by company location. In March, the day was run at Monument Renovation Technics, while 13 May saw Brasschaat taking its turn for the Monument Goedleven team and Alltritempi executives.

4 central themes.

Don’t mess with a winning formula. So the day followed the familiar pattern:

  • group discussions on four themes
  • practical use of the Phronesys application (introduction to toolbox, WPI and incident reporting, looking up reports)
  • a presentation on rights and obligations by Reinout Hanssens
  • lunch break with a chip van
  • Klein Barnum stage piece on the consequences of failing to report incidents or hazards
  • Monument Goedleven annual meeting: review of 2021 and vision for 2022/2023 with photos and on-site videos, presented by Steven Vermeersch

It was an interesting chance to meet up with a lot of practical info and useful insights. On to the next Safety Day!

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